Start Behaving With Your Automatic Car Transmission

Start Behaving With Your Automatic Car Transmission

Are you yet to purchase a brand new automatic car? Have you drove car with automatic gears before? If not then perhaps it is best for you to first understand how to drive automatic car before you move ahead. More and more drivers now prefer automatic cars as they find automatics to be the best transmission a driver may have. There is no point of getting into a discussion of which transmission is the best as it is an age old debate and it will never be reaching any conclusion as it is a matter of personal preference of drivers.

This post is focused on enhancing your acquaintance about getting the best out of your automatic vehicle. It is not simply about sticking it inside to drive it and leave rest of the things to God’s mercy. After all you are the owner and driver of your car and you are solely responsible for the good of your car.


You can transform the ordinary and normal driving experience into wonderful and pleasant by taking some things into consideration like:

  • ENGINE CREEP IS TO BE WATCHED OUT- It is a warning sign. An automatic car is supposes to creep forward as soon as the drivers start the engine. To make sure you stop it on time you have to have your foot on brake. However the modern cars don’t even start unless you have your foot on brake.
  • AVOID LEFT FOOT BRAKING- For new drivers it is so tempting to do some left foot braking but you should seriously avoid doing it until it is an emergency. For safety issues you should self-prohibit it as it could be really annoying to do an emergency stop.
  • BRAKE HEAVILY- You may not be used to do it if you have been driving manual transmission for long time. But it is good for you if you get into practice as the automatics do not offer same level of engine braking and the drivers are supposed to do it manually. Work harder with the brake pedal to have the same impact.

No driving without servicing- Being regular with your transmission service is a gift for your automatic car. Don’t compromise with the repair shop and/ or the transmission fluid.


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