How Drivers Can Preserve Automatic Transmissions?

How Drivers Can Preserve Automatic Transmissions?

This is the time to learn more about car parts. When arranged in the order of importance and cost, transmission comes second only after the motor. Drivers that enjoy automatic gear shift and make a smooth movement from midst of the heavy traffic should be aware of very important facts about the automatics. Their repair and maintenance is distinguished from the manuals because of their complex structure. It is obvious that not only the repair and upkeep but the cost of replacement too is much higher when compared to the counterparts.

Solving conundrum of automatic transmission issues is not everybody’s cup of coffee. It entails high level of expertise and proficiency in handling the very intricate kind of transmission. If you are enthusiastic to extend the life span of your transmission then you will have to perform few things religiously.


Diagnosis of the problem remains the rudimentary to the preservation of transmission and other car parts for that matter. Expecting yourself to handle the multifaceted transmission on your own can prove to be the most stupid act by you. Get an appointment or drop in to the expert transmission shop nearby to your place. Besides this what you should do and don’t do for ensuring the smooth operations of gear box.

  • KEEP CHECK ON THE QUANTITY AND CONDITION OF THE TRANSMISSION FLUID- Automatic transmission Fluid, ATF is used to operate the clutches and bands that facilitate the change in gear. Also it is indispensable for cooling and lubricating different transmission parts. Unfortunately, ATF does not last forever. Thus, drivers should keep checking the levels of ATF every month. If you avoid checking the condition (indicated very well by color) and quantity of ATF, it may be possible that your transmission will succumb to its death begging you to replace the fluid.
  • AVOID OVERHEATING OF TRANSMISSION. There can be nothing worst then overheating and thus it is wise to prevent it from happening. Overheating can affect the transmission parts and decrease the overall life of transmission. ATF being the lifeblood of your transmission should never be looking dirty, burnt or low. Overheating since is product of inefficient fluid, can be avoided by changing the fluid immediately.

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