Everything You Should Know About Transfer Case

Everything You Should Know About Transfer Case

Transfer case is a vital part of your vehicles four-wheel drive system. It is connected to the transmission and the front and rear axles through drive shafts. Transmission acts as the source of power for it and then the power is transferred to the front and rear axles. Many vehicles require to periodically changing the fluid of the transfer case for adequate lubrication. Majority of drivers are unaware about the right time to change the fluid and avail the transfer case services from the experts. For this you should refer to the owner’s manual to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for your specific vehicle.



There are certain problems related to transfer case which seem to be small but are actually indicating something big and wrong. So as to avoid huge future expenses you should respond to the indications given by your vehicle. These mainly include complete loss of four-wheel drive operation and difficulty in switching the modes. Find out the best repair services in your surrounding area when you notice any of these:

  • Strange noises while shifting gears or increasing speed.
  • Leakage of fluid.
  • Difficulty or inability to shift gears.
  • Grinding noises.
  • Engine is noisy


For many vehicles increasing mileage is a symptom of problem in transfer case. Replacement of transfer case can be a costly affair that can be saved if a transfer rebuild is done. Following are the steps of doing it, however many drivers don’t have enough of time and competency to source the necessary items to perform the rebuild.

  • PURCHASE REBUILD KIT OF TRANSFER CASE– For this you have to visit the auto parts store or you can shop it online that is compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.
  • DRAIN THE TRANSFER CASE FLUID– After securing the car at a secured height locate the fluid drain plug so that it can be squashed for last drop of the fluid.
  • OPEN TRANSFER CASE, REPLACE THE FAULTY PARTS WITH NEW AND CLOSE IT– It involves some level of technical skills to handle the bolts and hosing of the transfer case.

Follow the procedure and refill the fluid and lower the vehicle.

If you have any questions you can call at  781-333-0054


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