Bad Habits That Cause Transmission Failure

Bad Habits That Cause Transmission Failure

Drivers reading thispiece of content may or may not know about the importance and worth of a healthy car transmission in their life. To start you should know that it is the second most expensive replaceable part of your car, after motor. This very vital part of a vehicle makes it run. Function of transmission which is attached to the engine, is to ensure that the engine and wheels move in sync with each other.

Bad habits are hard to break but with continued efforts and gaining knowledge about things that destroy your transmission slowly, you can avoid its breakdown. It is though recommended to every driver that he should visit the technician regularly for taking up automatic transmission service. This ensures regular checkup of your transmission long before some serious problem.

Unfortunately many people take the automatics for granted. This contributes immensely to its failure. Emphasized significance of the below mentioned points will help you to save money and the very expensive car part being discussed here.

> Automatics are designed to operate at maximum temperature of 200 degrees. Every 20 degrees you go up only for risking the expected lifespan of your transmission by a factor of 2. At a low temperature the transmission fluid turns to varnish which hampers the lubrication part of transmission.

> Letting the transmission run out of fluid is a guaranteed way of having transmission problem. Operating at low level of fluid makes it difficult to keep the transmission components cool and lubricated.

> Not changing the fluid. Another way of killing your transmission is not changing the fluid over long period of time. Transmission oil gets dirty and contaminated that leads to overheating and breakdown of seals, gaskets and internal transmission components.

> Not using the right fluid. Using the wrong type of transmission fluid can actually kill it. You cannot mix the fluid of manual and automatic to one other. Avoid using them even for temporary being.


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