Experts Guide To Change Transmission Fluid

Experts Guide To Change Transmission Fluid

Transmission is the second most expensive part of your car after motor. This is not difficult to understand that the replacement services of transmission are also very costly.For avoiding the expensive replacement services of transmission, it is advised to take best care of it through maintenance and servicing. Timely servicing and maintenance activities may look like additional costs but they are good enough to save the heavy expenses on repairs. When it comes to the care and maintenance of a car transmission, the most talked about thing is the transmission fluid. The level of this fluid should be present in the adequate quantities to support the normal functioning of engine and other parts.

transmission fluid1

It is however important for both manuals and automatics but the fluids used are not the same in every case. After knowing that this fluid is quite essential for transmission, you should learn everything possible about changing the fluid. When it should be changed is the most asked question by the American drivers. This fluid which acts as hydraulic fluid, lubricant and coolant for a motor vehicle does not last forever. The quantity and quality of the fluid both decrease with use and time. It gets break down with time because of heat, use and contaminants. A contaminated fluid in your car may cause many serious problems like problem in shifting gears to complete failure of the transmission. You will only overlook the importance of changing the fluid regularly only to find out the shifting issues, slipping and overheating.

Take your vehicle to the qualified and expert technicians of transmission. When you ask around that what is the good time to change over the fluid in transmission then you should expect a wide range of responses. The standards are to change it over after every 20,000 miles or 2 years. This should be the optimum schedule for every driver as it will allow your transmission to run on healthy fluid. This in turn will add years to the life of the precious part of your car.

But there are situations when you need to prepone the change and it will laregely depend on your driving habits and the fluid you use. Practices like heavy towing, frequent stop starts are not recommended and demands for changing fluid sooner.

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