5 Common Causes Of Your Car’s Engine Sudden Shut Down

5 Common Causes Of Your Car’s Engine Sudden Shut Down

Car is a complex machine and a must needed part of daily routine. The transportation gets impossible if your car shuts down in middle of nowhere. The culprit could be an ineffective spark plug, plagued carburetor, defective cable or pipe. You might need to check transmission system or the fuel tank connection to identify the reason of your car not working. Let’s look upon some of the common defaulters.

1. Empty Fuel Tank?

Is there any other obvious reason like this one which could result in stalling of car? Your car needs a source to burn and derive energy to change the torque into speed. Solution? Refill your car’s tank!

2. Overheating?

When the engine gets overheated, it stops to burn fuel to prevent any further accident due to it. Your vehicle would need to come back to a normal range of temperature before it could be used again. In some cases, you might need a mechanic to fix your car if overheating has lead to any electrical fuse.

3. Low of Transmission Fuel?

Many car’s run into problems when they ignore the health of their car’s transmission system. Any leakage, viscous or contaminated oil could be a reason why your car is stalling. It demands car transmission service to return back to its normal working.

4. Clogged up Catalytic Converter

If the catalytic converter of a car is dirt then the exhaust system of the car will impart more force on the engine to sustain the power needs. However, after a certain limit, engine tends to give up and car stops. Get car services done regularly to have a clean converter all the time.

5. Not Working Ignition

There are many reasons for a failed ignition system as such wet ignition coil, defected spark plug or fused electrical signals. It is necessary to dry off a wet ignition system and apply water repellent coat on it. To rock the gear successfully, you might need to tow your car to mechanic and get all circuits check.

The reasons for a stalling car could be many but it is important to know that only a well serviced care runs for longer time.

If your transmission needs to be repaired or replaced, contact the expert mechanics at (781) 333 0054.


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